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Hi! Thanks for stopping by my website. I am thrilled to have you here! My name is Kellyn and I really love growing things. I grew up in a small town in Arkansas where I made my favorite memories as a child gardening with my grandmother. I began my own gardening journey 2016 and started collecting houseplants in 2019. Click the button below to read more about my story & my business!

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  • Common Pests

    Dealing with pests on your houseplants can be so stressful and discouraging. In this article we talk about identifying, preventing, and treating common houseplant pests with all-natural rememdies.

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  • Plants & Mental Health

    Mental Health is something that I love to talk about. Houseplants have helped me through some of my darkest moments dealing with depression and anxiety. In this article we explore the mental health benefits of houseplants.

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  • Basic Plant Care

    Houseplants can be simple to understand if we learn their basic needs. Soil, light, and humidity requiments vary from plant to plant. In this article we will explore basic plant care.

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